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Welcome to Ausedia, a trailblazing media company at the forefront of storytelling innovation. We are passionate about weaving narratives that leave a lasting impact on hearts and minds. Through a perfect unity of visionary creativity and cutting-edge technology, we produce captivating films, television series, ...

Best Talent Agency For Gaming Content Creators In The United States

Welcome to Ausedia Network, your premier partner for influencer marketing success. Based in Magna, UT, we are a talent agency for people who make content for video games. We offer expert advice, help with making content, and growth services to help you reach your goals. With over 10 years of experience in digital ...

Your Trusted Partner for Influencer Marketing Success

At Ausedia Network, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful influencer career. Our founder and current president, Austin, started out as a YouTube creator himself, gaining 400 subscribers in a short amount of time after starting his channel. After finding success in the gaming space, ...


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